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Best Web Hosting Company
Best Web Hosting Company
The Leading All-In-One Web Hosting Company

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Isn't Your Job.

Your web hosting company should be setting you up for success not stressing you out.

Let us do the heavy lifting.

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Love my experience with Happy Camper. It’s been totally smooth and works perfectly, but it was my first experience building my website and I had a ton of questions they were answered without delay, the customer service is incredible, I’m a very happy camper!
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The name says it all—I’m a Happy Camper!

My previous web host had an unfriendly and complicated user interface, and their customer service was terrible.

I’ve had the complete opposite experience since switching to Happy Camper. As somewhat of a novice, I appreciated the ease of the full-feature interface.

Also, the one time I needed customer support, the response was quick, and my problem was resolved immediately.

Happy Camper’s rates are less than my previous web host, so I’m saving money. And you can’t beat that!
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Just got it moved over to the Happy Camper hosting. I’m very happy with everything.

Excellent service. Looking forward to many years of partnership.
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I described what I thought was a complex request about my website to Happy Camper and was delighted and amazed to see that, not only was my problem understood, the solution to my problem was quickly and inexpensively solved to my complete satisfaction.

I’d recommend Happy Camper to anyone needing website help. It’s fast, thorough and effective. I’m already seeing more traffic. Couldn’t be happier.
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My website was very out of date and badly needed a make-over.

Happy Camper did a great job and they let me adjust it how I liked. Some companies get irritated when you make suggestions!

I’m a Happy Camper and would recommend them to anyone needing hosting or web design.
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FREE on Every Website

The Leading All-In-One Web Hosting Company

Fully Managed WordPress

43% of the web is built on WordPress. More bloggers, small businesses, and Fortune 500 companies use WordPress than all other options combined. We'll pre-install it for you with some of the best plugins and keep it updated.

With additional tools like WordPress Toolkit for staging/cloning, debugging, password protection, hotlink protection, WordPress integrity check and more.

Imunify360 - Security Suite

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security suite. It utilizes highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and security.

  • Automatic virus & malware scanning and removal
  • Malicious PHP script detection and blocking
  • Stops brute-force attacks at both network and HTTP levels and DoS (denial of service)
  • And much more

    We've already set everything up so you don't have to.

Happy Camper Web Hosting - Smart Updates Logo

Smart Updates

To keep your website secure, you need to regularly update WordPress: themes, plugins, and core. However, these updates can potentially break your website.

To ensure your WordPress installation is always automatically updated safely without breaking your website, we’ve included Smart Updates with every website.
Most companies will “auto-update” your site which can potentially break it.  Smart Updates is AI driven to ensure the update is unbreakable.

Free on every website.

Speed Kit - Page Speed Platform

Being Average Is Not Enough. User expectations have changed dramatically. As attention spans are declining, expectations are at a maximum.

Speed Kit brings you the fastest customer experience. Page load speed increases of up to 4x have been experienced on a very fast CDN (Content Delivery Network). You have to see it to believe it.

Utilizing automatic image optimization and advanced caching technology.

Free activation available on every website.

LiteSpeed Web Server

HTTP/3 + QUIC Ready
Added DDoS Protection

Fast and efficient means a more stable web site for you. Handles traffic spikes effortlessly.

When compared to average web servers, LiteSpeed Web Server delivers web pages at 98% lower server resources which is very good for you.

LiteSpeed Cache plugin for WordPress comes pre-installed on every site.

Elementor + Yoast

Elementor + Yoast

The #1 WordPress website builder + the #1 WordPress SEO plugin.

Live drag & Drop Editor, Widgets, Pixel-Perfect Design, templates and website kits.

Don’t get your site ‘almost’ there with other tools/sites, create your site 100% the way you want it.

Add the optional Pro version and get the popup builder, form builder and Woocommerce store builder plus more widgets and templates.

Yoast SEO makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability.

Both come pre-installed on every web site.

Site Migration

With our automated migration tool you'll be able to transfer your existing WordPress site effortlessly so you have no down time. Email accounts transfer as well.

Or you can have our expert migration team do it for you!


SSL (https) - Free!

Security that we all rely on.

Free SSL on every website.

SSL encrypts information being passed through your website. SSL certificates are no longer a luxury — they’re a requirement in this modern age of browsing the internet.

Free Automated Daily Off-site Backups

We backup everything nightly and keep it for 30 days but you also have the option to do scheduled backups on your own and you can save your backups off-site to DropBox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and others for safe keeping offsite. Easy setup.

Let the world know who you are!

Our huge selection of domain name extensions (TLDs) and simple management will make your life easier by having everything under one roof.

Easy One-Click Staging

A WordPress staging site is a test site that you can use to safely make design and site updates and other changes before going live.

In the past, it used to be very difficult to setup a WordPress staging site, but now that has changed so even a non-technical person can do it.

Professional Email

Look professional with an email address that matches your domain.

Build trust with email that shows you take your business seriously.

Promote your brand with every message you send.

Optional Upgrades

Elementor Pro

Elementor Pro, empowers you with more professional tools that speed up your workflow, and allow you to get more conversions and sales.

Click to email us for more infomation

Web Design​ and Implementation

Give yourself a helping hand and let us get you started on your way! We'll work with you to tailer your site.

Click to email us for more infomation

Site Update Plan

Don't let your site get stale. Let us help you keep it fresh with regular updates.

Click to email us for more infomation

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Free Site Transfers

No hidden fees or huge price jumps after your first term.

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We discovered that other web hosting companies provided SOME of the features you need for reliable, fast and safe web hosting but none of them had ALL of those features in one package.

You either have to pay more for those features or they don’t exist at all.

They leave out features like Smart Update which uses Artificial Intelligence to determine if that latest plugin update will break your site!

You have to update plugins/themes/WordPress regularly or you run the risk of getting hacked.

Or they leave out offsite backups. We do nightly backups of everything but you should have your own set of backups saved in a simple easy to access offsite location like DropBox, Google Drive or Microsoft One.

We give you that option.

Or they only have minimal security and you have to get a security plugin.  These days you can’t skimp on security that’s why we have Robust Server Level Security.

Server level security is where you don’t need a plugin for security and where you’re not left scouring the internet trying to decide which is the best security plugin? And then how to set it up.

Keeping your site safe, secure and fast shouldn’t be hard.

Love it or hate it?



Superior Security

Imunify360 is a comprehensive security suite including Antivirus, Firewall, WAF, PHP Security Layer, Patch Management, Domain Reputation with easy UI and advanced automation.

  • Real-time Malware Processing
  • Scheduled/On-Demand Malware Scanning
  • Malware Database Scanner
  • Automated Malware Clean-up
  • Brute-Force Prevention
  • Web-Attack Protection
  • Port-Scanning Protection
  • L7 DoS Protection
  • Outdated/Vulnerable Software Patching
  • Backup Solution Integration
  • Domain Reputation Management
  • SMTP Traffic Management

Get Going Now!

It’s already setup for you!

  • In addition to WordPress being automatically installed we’ve chosen a few of the #1 plugins to get you started.

  • Elementor – The #1 WordPress website builder. Live drag & Drop Editor, Widgets, Pixel-Perfect Design, templates and website kits.

  • Yoast SEO – The #1 WordPress SEO plugin. Yoast SEO makes sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards. It also gives you the tools to optimize your content for SEO and overall readability. Installed on every website.

  • Imunify360 – A comprehensive security suite. It utilizes highly tailored and integrated components for proactive real-time website protection and security.

Smart Updates

Smart Updates helps you keep your production websites up to date without the risk of breaking your website. Smart Updates analyzes the potential consequences of installing updates and advises you whether doing so is safe.


To ensure a WordPress installation is always updated safely without breaking your website, we’ve included Smart Updates with every website, which does the following:

  • Clones the installation, and then analyzes the clone and takes screenshots of the website’s pages (including dynamic content and carousels).
  • Updates the clone, analyzes it again, and then takes screenshots of the website’s pages again.
  • Detects issues (PHP issues, HTTP response code errors, changed page titles, and others): not only those the update can cause but also those that existed before the update.
  • With manual updates, Smart Updates shows you “before” and “after” screenshots and then you decide whether it is safe to update or not.
  • With autoupdates, Smart Updates automatically updates the production website unless there is at least one issue caused by the update. Otherwise the update is not performed and you receive an email with the results of analysis and the “before” and “after” screenshots.

WordPress Toolkit

Improve your productivity with WordPress Toolkit

  • Manage all your WordPress websites from one place, including WordPress installation and removal, cloning that easily creates staging and production environments.
  • Install, activate, update, and remove plugins and themes from one place – to improve your productivity
  • Test your WordPress website updates using our fully automated AI-powered visual regression testing engine, Smart Updates.

Website Transfers

Migrate Your Existing Site For Free

  • Importing websites and mail accounts has never been so easy and hassle-free.

  • Securely migrate your existing website from WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal, PrestaShop or Magento.

  • The automated process can be used as many times as you like at no cost to you.

  • The import tool automatically detects the location of your website’s content and copies it the fastest way possible.

Have Your Site Professionally Transferred

  • Or let us do the job for you.  We’ll transfer everything within 1-3 days, $45 per site.